Recently my good friends at Haida asked me to review their new M10 Filter Holder System. The filter holder is made from aviation grade aluminum and PC materials, resulting in a strong and durable filter holder that is also lightweight. It’s designed to allow for use of a drop in filter, as well as up to 2 square filters.

The M10 filter holder kit includes the following items:

-M10 Filter Holder

-A dual zipped protective case

-Adapter Ring

-Light Sealing ring (if you want to use just square filters on this holder you need to use the light sealing ring in the drop in section)

-Circular Polarizer filter

Price for the system: $195.00 USD (additional filters for the system are extra)

M10 filter holder system

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M10 Filter Holder with 10 stop ND inserted

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The M10 is available with all sizes of adaptor rings from 37mm to 82mm. For bigger diameter lenses, Haida has a separate holder called the M15. Once the holder with adapter is on your lens you can easily drop in your choice of filter.

Here is a list of all the new drop in filters:

3 stop ND

6 stop ND

10 stop ND

15 stop ND

Circular Polariser (included in kit)


3 stop GND

4 stop GND

3 stop ND+CPL

6 stop ND+CPL

When my kit arrived it also included a 10 stop ND which is my personal favourite filter. So far I have really enjoyed the new concept of dropping in my filter. It’s very efficient once you have your holder and adapter ring setup on your camera and also very lightweight. When I’m out hiking, I do not have room or weight space for bulky, heavy filter sets. The case included with the filter holder system is lightweight, durable, slim and has a small carabiner clip so you can attach the filter case to your tripod, bag, or belt.

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There is no vignetting with this filter system and no colour cast that I could see. I will need to spend a bit more time with the filter system to see how it preforms in harsher weather conditions, being accidentally dropped, and stacking square filters on the front of the holder. I typically only shoot with a 10 stop filter and haven’t been in a situation yet where I’ve needed to add a  square graduated filter  on the front, but having the option is very handy.

Square filter with drop in ND behind

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So far my only con to the system is that the red clips on the drop in filter feel as if they may break easily, and that I can't pack square filters into the same case as the filter holder system.  This is not an issue for me personally since I would likely only take the holder with a 10 stop ND but if you use square filters often, they must be packed separately. My absolute favourite feature of the system is how lightweight it is, and the slim light clam shell case that easily tucks into my bag. This is big deal for landscape photographers that go the extra mile for their photos and want to save on weight in their bag for a long hike. Another bonus is how efficient it is to drop in the filter once the holder is attached to your camera. There is no sliding it in or screwing it on.. just simply drop it in and pull it out. I truly appreciate the planning and thought that went into this design by Haida.  I would recommend this filter system to beginners and pros looking to add filters to their system or anyone wanting to switch systems. I was not paid by Haida in anyway for this review but I was sent a filter system at no cost in exchange for my honest opinon on the product.  

M10 Filter Holder System + 10 stop ND 16mm - f11 - 80 secs - ISO 200

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M10 Filter Holder System + 10 stop ND 16mm - f16 - 100 secs - ISO 200

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