About - sarah lyndsay photography

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I am thrilled you are here!

I enjoy reading, hiking and spicy food. Singapore noodles! Do you have a favourite food?! I like to sleep with socks on and hate the smell of cooking meat. I love my family, friends and I love PHOTOGRAPHY!!!

I have loved photography for 10 years now and ongoing! All photographers have a story of how they met their camera (mine is surely the most epic tale of them all, hee hee) and I think most would say it is life changing. For me it was! In my first year I spent any free time I had learning landscape photography. Shortly after I decided to pursue photography at a post-secondary level and obtained my diploma in Professional Photography. This is where I started photographing people and realized “Hey! I can do this forever! I want to do this forever!”. This road has been confusing, hair pulling frustrating, rewarding and most of all it has been a dream. Thank you for viewing my heart and passion.

I work very hard to give you what I would expect during a photo session. I like laughing! Be prepared for laughing, it makes for some excellent photos. Brides! Moms! Dads! Babies! Families.. My goal is to make sure you have a unique, memorable, relaxed and fun time during our photos together. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions, even if it’s about which Chinese joint has the best Singapore noodles. I would love to hear from you!

Sarah xoxo

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